Wednesday PT and No CEO Visit

We had Spring Solstice today so it was light for 12 hours and dark for 12 hours. Driving in to my PT session the morning was very light. I parked in my usual spot instead of under the gym in case it was full like it is on Fridays. That meant that I had to carry the pictures for Gympie office a couple of blocks from my car to the Nundah office.

Training was great. Eli seemed a bit tired and stressed out. He was very insistent that I train more in between times, especially trying out the equipment and doing some cardio. I have already been for a run with Max, so it is not as if I am sitting around doing nothing in my spare time.

Anyway, I was all dressed up in proper business attire hoping that the CEO from Melbourne would actually visit. We found out quite late that the visit might be tomorrow. So I have another day of dressing up ahead of me. It’s fun to be decked out in business attire on the odd occasion. I don’t know many trainers of teachers who have the opportunity to do so on a regular basis, though.

There is no choir practice tonight, but we have football officials’ training later on the net.


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