Tuesday Wellness Launch

We had a launch of the wellness program today. There were only five of us at the meeting and most people had a worried look on their faces as I mentioned a few key factors related to wellness. I was happy with the brief mentions I made of the related activities like 10,000 steps. Steptember will be over by the time we have our pedometers, though.

In the morning, I had already been out for a run with Max who was overjoyed to be going up the road with me in tow. The leash I use is very sturdy and easy to handle, so we managed to go to the seafront and down our favourite streets all within half an hour. There was plenty of time for me to shower, change and grab my bags. I had half a sandwich from yesterday as I could only eat half of a sandwich filled with crunchy lettuce leave, cheese, tomatoes, liverwurst, sage and parsley.

Kylie had a bag of shredded paper for our chickens and some vegetable scraps as well. Our worms in the worm farm love the paper as well. I think when we have fruit at work, I will be able to collect the scraps from that as well and bring them home for the chickens and worm farm.

In a couple of weeks’ time we have a long weekend for Labour Day or the Queen’s Birthday, depending on what it is called in the relevant State Parliament. I look forward to the change of pace.


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