Monday was Quiet

I like a quiet office in which to work, and it has been quiet on occasions in the last few days. At home, Dad usually decides to mow the lawn, clean the chicken coop or cut up metal objects outside my window when I sit down in my bedroom to try to do some work. Earphones are my best friend at times like those.

This morning I made my sandwich for lunch and had a smoothie with celery, silver beet, berries, a banana, ginger, cinnamon and apple juice. I put it in a thermos flask which is made for coffee and put it in the car for my trip to work. There was still some left when I reached my place of work so it helped to sustain me through the morning. By lunch time I could only eat half my sandwich. The smoothie is quite filling.

I am preparing a presentation on wellness for work tomorrow. Today I have to put together a few slides and some information for my colleagues. It is fun researching the topic, especially if it helps people to manage wellness better.


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