Sunday with Rest

After a good night’s sleep I was up fairly early and caught part of a game on the television. It was Virginia vs BYU at Cougar’s stadium. The stadium was packed, especially the student section. Huge roars came up from the end zone stands when Virginia was attempting to score. It was amazing to watch. I could imagine being there, just like we were in 2007 with the Gridiron Australia Development Tour with Paul Manera and John Roe as coaches.

My aim was to prepare for Mass from 7:30 am, as the night before I had ironed a long sleeved black t-shirt and ¾ pants with a green leaf pattern. I managed to be ready just after 8:15 am, leaving lots of time to go to the church and practice a bit with Fred, Jean and Theresa while we set up the stands and microphones in the choir area. Louis also arrived shortly before mass, but not Mark and Olivia.

Father had some slides for the Homily which he printed out with numbers for the sequence. Apparently they did not go well in the Saturday vigil Mass, but we managed quite well with the remote control for the Power Points. At the end of the Mass, Theresa asked me to help out for the Sunday evening Mass next week as Belinda will be away and Theresa is musician at the organ. I will have the template, but it will need to be changed for that Mass, which is a Youth Mass. I used to sing at those Masses until Dad started taking his weekly baths on Sunday nights instead of Saturdays.

In the afternoon I tried hard to rest. I went to Aldi’s for more apple juice for my smoothie on the way home from Mass and made a smoothie and some popcorn at home. I also found a really sturdy dog lead for walking Max, but Max was sleepy today and just went to his mat even if I mentioned W-A-L-K-I-E-S. That was so unusual that I decided to take try to sleep in the afternoon for an hour or so. I put a cloth eye mask on to help me sleep and managed about an hour before my mind was too active with things I wanted to do.

For the rest of the afternoon, I worked on the slides for Week 26 in Ordinary Time, Year A and tried to tidy up. I have lots of tidying still waiting, not to mention catching up with Zak, Adrienne and Kate. In any case, the day went well and I felt stronger as part of my plan to build myself up after allowing myself to totally focus on my thesis from 2008-2013. The main thing is remembering to be out in the sun for Vitamin D and to take iron tablets, following Dr Kamara’s advice.


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