Saturday and a Clean House

Today I did not need to go to work, so there was heaps of time to clean the house and do some ironing and washing. It felt like my day went on forever. I tried a new smoothie made with sparkling apple juice, a frozen banana, a leaf of silver beet, ginger and cinnamon. It made a fairly dense, green drink which was surprisingly tasty. Peter brought two boxes of fruit and vegetables from the markets on Friday, so we have a lot of suitable ingredients to try out.

In the afternoon I went off to football. It was a beautiful afternoon. The crew was Tim, Steve, Gavin, Andy, Pat and Alex with me for the senior game. Gavin and Andy joined us only for the last game. We even had what seemed to be a guest appearance from Coach Roe, who mentioned something about moving from the ACT once he secures a job in Queensland.

How odd it was to be home by 7:30 pm. There was time for dinner and an early night. I’m glad I had a change of routine in the week when I started my split program with weights training. It seemed to help with my ball passing, which is an area on which I need to do some work.


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