Friday Fixing the Car

I do weights twice a week and have my split program now. It’s awesome! Today I found and exercise that I really like which is single arm cable rows at chest height. Later in the day I could feel my muscles a bit more than usual. There is always a hot bath if I feel too sore, although my recovery has been really good so far.

Due to working last Saturday morning, I had the afternoon rostered off today. My car was being serviced last Friday and this afternoon I took it back because of an issue with the brake lights sticking. Ian fitted a new switch which will keep me safe and stop the battery from draining. At least the car has taken me to Kingaroy and back this week and it will be good for football on Saturday as well.

It felt so odd having a half day at work, but Danny was fine with me taking it, so off I went. I even had the chance to park the car in the spot around the back of work as Mel was out and Danny had some other spot, probably in the shade.

In the afternoon I met Kit and Jim at the shops. Jim was not helping Kit with the shopping, and certainly not pushing her trolley. It would damage his image if people thought that he actually went shopping. I saw them last weekend at the Multicultural Mass. He says we only meet when I am singing or we are eating. It’s true that Kit makes a cup of tea when I visit, usually with Mum.


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