Thursday Timmy’s Bid for Freedom

Our budgie/cockatiel, Timmy, flew off into the wide blue yonder today when Dad introduced the birds to the new aviary he just finished building. His companion bird has been calling him back all day. We often lose birds that way. Now we will have to find another Timmy as it is tradition at our place to have a budgie called Timmy. Except this one was a cockatiel. So much for family tradition.

Mum has made an outdoors kitchen with a gas cook top as the one indoors has not been working for months. It works really well, though and it is a great idea for Spring weather to have an outdoors kitchen area.

I managed to take in and fold some washing before going off to work this morning. That was despite having the footpath directly opposite our sewing room taken over by MAMILs and some women in lycra, too. There was I with a towel wrapped around me ironing a shirt and some pants for work when I looked up and saw a woman in black lycra half-leggings and a coloured top looking across at me while she was watching the others running up and down the street.

The blinds in our sewing room haven’t been working for ages, so there was no way to shut them. We have no curtains there, either. So my only option if I wanted to get to work, was to do my ironing watching these people at their early morning exercise. It was not the most comfortable morning I have experienced lately, as I am used to living a very private life.


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