Wednesday no Coffee Club Day

For some mysterious reason, the Coffee Club is being refurbished and will not open again until Thursday. What will we do in the meantime? It’s so handy for meeting people and having a quiet moment in the morning, particularly when it takes a while for work to open because whoever has the keys is late.

It is nice to sit in the sun on the corner of Chapel St just across from the steps that go up to work. I had my water bottle with me and read my wellness book by Judd Allen. When Merrilee and Liddy arrived we sat for a while, Merrilee had her cigarette and then we went upstairs.

I had Skype sessions with a student in the morning. It is a bit odd having to pay attention on Skype, but I eventually worked out what I could and couldn’t do. Answering the phone at the same time was a bit of a challenge, though.

Gym went well in the morning. It was a legs day. This is my first split program. I stretched well afterwards, as I usually do. So far my recovery has been good, after the initial day or two when I took up gym again after a very big break for study.


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