Sunday Multicultural Choir

Today we had the Filipino choir and some of the others at 9 am mass for the multicultural day. There were tables in the garden for different cultural foods as well which was after mass and a Peruvian stall to raise money for the missions in Peru.

Joe had the slides ready and there was also a video from Archbishop Mark Coleridge that followed on from the Homily last week. I was still chief PowerPoint flicker person. Joe had some readings in different languages for the part where people went up to read in their own languages Jim was there to read in Irish Gaelic. There were also African, PNG, European and Asian languages and flags. Although most people in the choir had been there last year for the same thing, this was my first time.

I forgot my water bottle and my voice did give way a couple of times as I was quite dry in the throat with all the singing and the church being packed with people. The mosquitoes that were out in full force last night did not manage to sneak past everyone in the pews to disturb the choristers, thankfully. We had a stand-in Director, being Mark, as Alex had his Grade 8 piano exam. Mark did a great job, as did the musicians, including the guitarist.

After Mass I went out to see the types of food that were on offer. They included rice, noodles, chicken and other things. Instead of staying for some food, I went home as I had a lot of things to do before going to Kingaroy tomorrow. We had many compliments for the singing and everyone in the choirs were happy and had a sense of great accomplishment afterwards.


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