Saturday Roster

This morning I was rostered on at work. I arrived an hour early and soon found extra work to do. There was only one extra visitor, besides my training appointment, and that was Mel for about ten minutes. Originally, I had thought of going in to do a workout, but maybe next time.

There was plenty of time to drive home, fill up on petrol and have some vegemite on toast for lunch. I ironed my uniform and was soon heading for Deception Bay with my bag packed. When I arrived, there was no sign of other officials, but I think Tim was upstairs in the club area. I just sat and watched the warm-ups. After a while, Steve turned up in his small BMW and we soon had crew of five with Andy and Lucas.

There was a women’s game first but I could only make the 4 pm Senior men’s game, as work finished at 1 pm. There was some lightening late in the game, but I did not hear any thunder and the storm seemed to be heading in another direction, not towards the field.

In the evening I watched “Alice in Wonderland” and “Knowing”. Fortunately, “Knowing” stopped towards the end and there was just a blank screen on the television just as it was starting to wind up, so I went to bed.


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