Friday Synchronising Schedules

We took my car to the mechanic just before 5pm Thursday so that I could leave early for work and my car would just need to be picked up in the afternoon today. I went in to my first Friday PT session and only just arrived in time for 6:15 am. Eli was grinning, as he had another difficult workout for me. We are splitting my program so that I do legs on Fridays and upper body earlier in the week.

I stopped by at Subway for a breakfast sub which I had while waiting for the gate at work to be opened. It is a dress-down day on Fridays, so my floral linen pants and plain blouse were OK but not business-casual. In any case, Josh asked for me to go to Kingaroy on Monday. Great! I will have another day out.

My car was fixed in the early afternoon, including the dip switch on the lights which stayed on whenever I used my lights no matter what setting. Now they are fixed just in time for going to Kingaroy on Monday. I am also working on Saturday morning.


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