A Journey into Ancient Greek Thought

My Thursday has been interesting. I have written two of my three essays and am working on the final one. The experience has been helpful, as I feel organised now. I seem to have struck a good balance between printing out research articles and using online sources to support my arguments. Part-way through the first essay I listened to President Barack Obama’s speech on opposition to ISIS. There were only two minutes of the speech on ABC News Radio, but it covered a lot of ground.

I put some serenity blend oil in a diffuser and drank water at regular intervals. Mum and I watched a program on how to harvest almonds which was amazing. The machine shakes the almond tree and the nuts are swept up to go on a huge pile for sorting. There was also a visit to an orange orchard and great recipe for an almond and orange upside down cake.

For lunch I made French toast with minestrone cup of soup. There was enough for two and Dad was sleeping, so Mum had some too. Mum went shopping. We took the car to the mechanic for its service.

Tomorrow I have PT in an effort to do strength training twice a week. The early morning start will be interesting so I will have to try to pack my bag tonight. Then on Saturday I am rostered on to work, which means that next Friday I have the afternoon off. I look forward to next week.


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