Tuesday Wellness Day

I am back in Brisbane today after my day out in Gympie on Monday. The drive up and back was smooth and I returned once again with lots of things about which to cogitate. It takes a little while to adjust to the change of people and the different city. I think the new surroundings and journey to work are becoming easier to assimilate into my work experiences, though.

It is a joy to work on my paper which I can post this Friday after finalising it on Thursday. I have earned a day off with my extra hours of work so I am pleased to be able to use it for writing my paper. At present I am listening to a recording of an interview in French. I can only follow three words in twenty, but it is refreshing to listen to a different language and different ways of interacting in speech.

Mum made a lovely pizza and salad for tea which was a great hit. We had rhubarb from the garden with strawberries and custard for desert. It was amazing. I thank God that my mother is such a brilliant cook. It is a true blessing for the family and our dog who loves the scraps from the table.


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