Sunday USC vs Stanford

Working the field this season and online training has helped a lot with reading plays in televised games. I know that there is seldom time to review college games after they go live, so I have been making an effort to pay attention to anything that makes sense in those few moments when I catch something relevant to contemporary officiating. The colleges are starting to make more sense to me as well.

The tragic passing of Chris Noble in an explosion in Rozelle, New South Wales has affected the NSW Gridiron community who lost a valued player. I was stunned to see the photograph of Chris wearing number 52, a Gold Gridiron jersey, on the evening news. Before that, I did not associate the reports of a tragic explosion with gridiron at all.

This morning I was a little later than usual for Mass, as I am researching and writing my professional dialogues paper. We had Len, Mark and Olivia, Fred and Jean and the lass who only arrives half way through the mass. Father John had put the slides up, so it was all set to go.

For Father’s Day I had a card that I gave to Dad with a scratchie in a gift envelope. There was no hidden treasure in the ticket, much to Dad’s dismay. Mum cooked a superb lamb roast in the evening and we had fresh strawberries for desert. Well, almost. I put most of mine aside for work tomorrow as I had no room for more.


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