Saturday Recovery Day

After a day of total stillness yesterday, I have been feeling much better today. It was not a good idea to do football refereeing today, as I have to go to Gympie on Monday and decided to have a quiet day today. I remembered to fill my car with petrol and wash it. Danny brought the microwave around to our place, so I packed the car ready for my road trip. There are still a few things to add to make it secure and properly packed down.

Michelle messaged me on Skype while I was doing some research for a paper. She must have gone in to work prior to her day surgery to catch up on things. My plan is to take some photographs and a tape measure to work out how to cover the windows and point out the need for a clear fire exit and wall mounting bracket for the fire extinguisher.

In an effort to tidy up my workspace, I put together a block of particle board which made some decorative box shelves in a set of four cubes in a 2 x 2 formation. It fits above my book shelf and makes a good cubby hole for the folding fabric and cardboard boxes that I use for bits and pieces. Somehow I managed to have a slightly tidier desk after all that.

I also went to the chemist for some iron tablets. There was a family whose little boy lost grip of his balloon on a bending plastic stick. The balloon blew in front of my feet as I crossed at a round-about. The mother waved off the balloon, as it was clearly a bit of a problem hanging on to it. With the balloon in my hand, it seemed a bit odd to take it away while the boy was upset, so I crossed the street and returned it. Mum said it had already flown off ten times, so she didn’t mind losing the balloon. With three children and a husband in tow, a balloon on a windy day was probably a lot of extra work, but not for the little boy.



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