Friday Completely Off-line

Friday was the quietest day I have experienced in a while. It must have been something I ate, but I was really unwell and drained of energy. All I could manage was a sip or two of water and Swedish bitters in between. At night I had five spoons of chicken noodle soup. That was it. The rest of the time I was resting and not really able to do much except receive one phone call and message Danny to say I was not going to be in at work.

Around 10 pm I woke to have a cup of milk with honey and the cup of milk with oats that I did not have for breakfast. Then I went back to bed. As a result, I won’t be at football on Saturday afternoon. Danny is coming around with the microwave for Gympie. I bought some cushions and a couple of pictures to put on the wall at Gympie on Thursday, so I can use the cushions around the microwave for the trip up there on Monday.

When I write about things that help me to understand what is happening around me, I feel more in touch with doing things like looking after myself. Whereas reading on its own is a bit overwhelming for me. I have been writing a bit and feel as though I have linked up my undergraduate studies with academic work in the field as it is today and into the future. This gives me confidence to do things like paying attention to the signals from my body about working in a healthy way.


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