Wednesday Training

I was up early in the morning. My bag was packed fairly quickly. There was time to make my salad sandwich.

I am enjoying taking time out for lunch and having salads during the day. It takes a while to become accustomed to working with adults who do not need to be supervised every minute of the day.

This morning Eli took me to the big gym for leg presses and walking lunges. Then we went upstairs for rowing, treadmill and related exercises. I pulled up really well afterwards. Mum and Dad complained for about 10 minutes because I was up at 4 am and they could hear the water running in the water pipes when I made coffee. I guess the best way to not disturb them in the mornings is to pack my bags, put them in the car and have everything ready to go for the next day.

It’s a skill and a practice that would stand me in good stead for organising my life.

Drinking enough water takes a bit longer to work into my daily routine. Perhaps I would be better off trying to hydrate more at home.







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