Tuesday and Stuff to Do

I found out today that I am going to Gympie on Monday. Yeah!!! I love to go there and the journey up and back again has been smooth so far. Now that is something to which I look forward. I also am taking a day off on Thursday as I have some hours to spare. That will be a great time to catch up on my desk work, sort out the car servicing and tidy up a bit.

It was crazy this afternoon as I took ten phone calls in the last hour. Every few minutes another person was on the phone. Not like this morning when we had a morning tea to welcome Craig and Damien. Anyway, it was a great day. My salad sandwich seemed to draw admitting glances at the corner bench where I sat and had a quick lunch break. It’s all too bizarre. People don’t know how to make sandwiches anymore.

I am planning my to do list for Gympie and my day off already. There are so many little things to do. Actually having my car serviced is quite big, but it won’t be done before I go, I think. I will just be arranging for an appointment.

Second day of spring – AOK.


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