Work and Some Games

Saturday morning I tried to arrive early at work and succeeded. I returned my work mobile after charging it and resetting the SIM. Now I will be using the desk phone, which means that the administrative staff will be fielding my incoming calls.

After work I went to Subway for a foot long turkey sub which I took with me to Nerang. I arrived at about 2:30 pm and sat on a telegraph pole barrier-style seat at the side of the field. Then I changed into my uniform in one of the ladies’ toilets. My car was nearby so it was easy to leave my bag in the car. Then I sat on the little slope near the Medic’s tent and watched the second half of the Colts game. If I had been properly hydrated, I probably would have joined the game as an official or shadowing one of the club officials.

The games went well as I had a protégé for the first game, being a younger player learning officiating. He went very well. Hopefully we can add him to our officiating team before too long as a white hat referee. I mentioned to Steve that I would bring some Deep Blue rub stuff for his calf muscles, as it is awesome. His version from the doctor was very neutral. It would be so funny to take my massage table and do some hands-on work with the Aroma Touch oils. The referees’ room would have a different kind of aroma instead of cigarette smoke and musty hats.


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