Last Day of Winter

Yes! Winter ends today! The weather is glorious! I was up around 5:30 am and had lots of time to do my presentation slides for 9 am Mass. Last night I took Florian home to Newfarm and then arrived at my place around 11:30 pm. There was dinner in the microwave, chicken with beans and potatoes. I watched some television while eating my dinner and was in bed around midnight.

So this morning I sat in the living room with the laptop and searched for my clip art. It took about two hours to sort out the slides, which I sent by email and put on the USB which I wear around my neck so as not to forget it. Fred and Jean were there at 8:30 am with Therese at the organ. Father Robert McCullough who is the Vatican representative of the Columban Missionary Fathers and has spent 30 years in Pakistan was there to preside at Mass with Father Isidore. He was born in Melbourne, so is another Australian in the Vatican.

I didn’t realise that the Catholic Church looks after more sick people in Pakistan and other third world countries than any other country, organisation or group in the world. It makes me want to subscribe to the “Far East” magazine and Columban Calendar, which are institutions of themselves.

Brunch was ready. This time it was toast with salmon and an egg on top. No scones today! It was delicious. I had a cup of coffee with my brunch while preparing the slides for next week. All I need is the words for the Hymns, which should arrive early as Therese is making an effort to send them around early to give me lots of time to put them up. The slides did not take too long and I have saved them while waiting for the Hymn selection to arrive by email.



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