Thursday Working, Working

I pulled up really well from PT yesterday, and was up before 4 am this morning for my cappuccino and cup of oats in milk with honey and cinnamon. This weekend I am rostered on to work and on Saturday I go to Nerang for two games from 4 pm onwards. I expect I will pick up a Subway either in the morning at work or afterwards.

Training last night was not very helpful, as the screen froze when the video was meant to be shown on the webinar screen. Mark sent the slides around this morning, so at least I had those. There were quite a few people tuned in for the session, as it was a popular topic – pass interference.

The day was quite cool to start with and so was the late afternoon. In between it was warm. Mum called during the day to ask me to bring home some milk, which I did. Tonight she is catching up with news from Germany as my Godmother and Godfather are on Skype talking with her.



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