Back in Brisbane Today

It was strange being back at my desk today. Rain in the afternoon made it even stranger. In the morning, I took the wrong bags in to the gym, but only the make-up bags were wrong. Apart from leaving my membership card on my desk at home, everything else was where it should have been.

Training was great, as usual. I have a new set for push-ups and want to try it out at least two times before next Wednesday. The ideal time will be at about 4:30 am when I am having my coffee and oats in the morning. My plan is to schedule 10 minutes or so for push-ups and then have my breakfast afterwards.

Helen invited me to a Saturday training for Aroma Touch Technique which is in the afternoon. There might not be games that Saturday, which is the week after this coming Saturday. If not, I hope to be able to attend. I messaged Pippa to let her know. She often has to organise baby sitters if she is going out on her own to something like that.

I received the songs for Sunday which need to be put into a Powerpoint presentation. At least I have them days ahead of time instead of Friday after work. Tomorrow there should be some time to work on them. It was a bit of a rush last weekend with the Bishop doing First Communion and Confirmations.

Tonight is football training online.


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