Parish First Communion

Today we had 11 am Mass for the children of the Holy Cross parish who made their first Holy Communion. I had the slides sorted out after checking them in the evening. They were saved to my USB drive. At the church I loaded them onto the system and we were ready to go.

Actually, at the last minute I saw that the first image did not show very well, so I changed it by duplicating one of the others in the main part of the slides. During the mass I somehow pressed the presenter device too quickly and the slides skipped over the main part of The Creed.

Apart from the minor hitches, it seemed to work quite well. Joe was giving me hints about how to improve my slides. He is really good at organising things like this because he has been organising the Filipino masses for ages. I was glad that I had prepared the main part of the slides early in the week.

Copying and pasting PowerPoint slides is quite slow using my laptop, but writing out the words for the Hymns is much quicker and no trouble at all.


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