Saturday at Home

Today we were visited by Peter and the three girls. They were Aydah, Katelin and Zoe. We watched “Dora the Explorer” and “Pooh” while playing with Connectors on the living room rug. Peter brought sandwiches and drinks in a small lunch box.

The house was halfway to being cleaned, as I was ironing the kitchen tablecloth when they arrived. Still, the living room and kitchen were done. I like having clean floors when there are small children in the house.

In the morning, I finished the slide presentation for 11 am Mass and sent it to Kate and the Parish office. I am still not sure where to put the Offertory Hymns in the Order of Mass. Next time I will take a note and make sure I remember for the following week of slides.

I’m planning my study room of the future. It will have a glass top desk, book shelves, a computer of some kind, some folders and books. There will be space for mini exercise breaks and a rolled up yoga mat. I will have shelves for gym shoes, weights, balls and bands. There will be a printer and some magazine holders. In the afternoon it will be sunny and warm. At night it will be quiet because it is my bedroom, too.


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