Friday Off-campus

It was great to be off-campus today, as I had forgotten what it is like to drive to a venue for training. The venue was great and the best part was that my students arrived with their two year old just before his baby sitter came to take him for the morning.

Also, we made lots of progress. I am so ready to find venues for short courses so that I can do things like promote wellness concepts, children’s and community fitness and web site design. The visit gave me lots of ideas and I will have a few more soon as I am away for two days next week.

We had the confirmation celebration at Holy Cross Church last night with Bishop Finnigan. Father John was up from his sick bed. It wasn’t whooping cough after all, but just the flu or a flu-like virus. Music Ministry went well though. Lydia was the organist and Alex was the conductor and soloist for “Veni Sancte Spiritus”. We had Louis, Kevin, Mark, Judith, Joe, Rosie and some ladies whose names I have forgotten. I squeezed in between Judith and the music stand, as the Music Ministry is partly about singing to participants so that they can hold the notes.


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