Up Early this Saturday

I woke early because I received the power point slides for Sunday Mass on Friday, leaving only a short time in which to do them. Although I prepared them and sent them off in the morning, I had forgotten to check one Hymn which actually has changed lyrics from the edition that I used.

Today I had to drive to the Sunshine Coast, Buderim. So I left lots of time because there was rain forecast for the entire weekend and I did not want to hurry. As it turned out I was early at the ground and the Rugby League local minor premiership games were on. The players looked like they were about 11 – 12 years old mainly.

There were 3 gridiron games, Colts, Ladies and Senior Men. Tony and Robbie were there for the day as well, so Robbie helped out on the sideline. I wore a clear plastic raincoat which kept me dry from my shoulders to my knees. Before going home I changed into dry clothes and shoes as well.

We had a great day on the muddy fields. I was glad to be home afterwards, though, with a bowl of soup for dinner and a hot water bottle on my feet. My shoes are stuffed with newspaper and sitting in the sun on a window ledge.


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