Sunday, Scones and Music

This morning I read the weekend newspaper while drinking my cup of coffee before Music Ministry preparations. I saved my powerpoint to the USB drive and sorted out a few things. It was late as I set of for the church but I arrived in plenty of time.

These was not slide set up, so I assumed that my USB was required. Father Isidore and Dom, the Seminarian showed me how to set up the slides. There was the homily to copy and paste and we were ready. I later discovered that one of the hymns still had the words from the earlier edition and the Offertory hymn was in the wrong place. Apart from that, things went OK, but it was difficult to settle in to the music with everything else going on.

Louis, Mark and Olivia also arrived, with another couple of people who often attend. Fred, Jean and Lydia were the other musicians. Friday was apparently a big service at 9 am Mass for the Feast of the Assumption. I was in the city at the time and went to the wrong church for the evening mass. It seemed like everything was moving very quickly and in sequence, but I had hardly had time to catch my breath.

I suppose three football games in the rain on Saturday helped to mix things up a bit.

Brunch was scones with jam and cream. After that repast I was ready to tackle BSBWHS402A, one of the units in my Workplace Health and Safety course. Last time I worked on this unit was well before my new job started. It was a great time to return to this study area as it is very relevant to my work.

By the evening, I wondered where the day had gone. I love Sundays.


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