Friday Feast of the Assumption

Interestingly, there was a car accident on the way home, rain, lots of traffic and I went to Holy Cross Church instead of Mary Queen of Peace for the 6pm Assumption Mass. So after missing out on Choir, I went home. It has been a big day, with the hymns for Sunday only arriving today leaving me almost no time to prepare them and send them on to Father John before 4pm Saturday.

I live in the world of last minutes. Tim called as though I am still Treasurer of the QGOA. I am not. I suppose it will take a while for him to grow accustomed to having a new Treasurer. His committee has changed a lot over the last few years, but Tim holds the fort as President.

Next week there is a sudden dinner for work to thank us for all our hard work. That cuts out another Music Ministry event, leaving the Sunday with the Bishop. It’s all go around here. I can hardly wait for the next couple of weeks when I go to Caboolture and Gympie with work, go out to dinner on Friday and generally run around instead of being at my desk most of the time.


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