Thursday with no Salad Sandwich

We are having huge salads at dinner time, so taking a salad sandwich to work does not add a great deal to my day. Besides that, it takes a full 25 minutes to munch through the sandwich. So I alternate between salad sandwiches and soup in a cup. Today was a tomato soup day.

I visited Kate this morning on the way to work. She was actually in her dressing gown watering the pot plants on her upstairs veranda when I drove up. I think she was stunned to see me early in the day. It was important, though, as I wanted to know what is happening with the slides for the Power Point presentation on Sunday at 9 am mass. She said she would email me the list of hymns, but so far I have not heard from anyone.

The other main event of my eventful day was hearing the news what I am off to Gympie for two days in a couple of weeks’ time. Apparently I will be staying overnight. I also have the opportunity to go to Caboolture the Friday prior to that. It will be a big weekend as the Music Ministry is preparing for Confirmation Mass and we have and 11 am Mass on the Sunday so that Bishop Finnegan can preside at all of the churches in the Parish that weekend.


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