Webinar Wednesday

For reasons unknown to the human mind, I went in to work today, it being a public holiday. There I attended the Webinar from 2-4pm. What an experience it was! The information and presentation were quite OK but a little slow in getting off the ground. By the end I felt as though I had learned a lot.

Before the Webinar, I had PT with Eli. The workout was really great, as usual. Eli has a thing about acai berries. Apparently Coco Bliss does some famous Acai Bowls which are worth a try for fitness enthusiasts and raw food people alike. I must try some soon.

Chatting with a PT at the gym the other day, the topic of calories in the Acai Bowl did come up. It made me wonder how many calories there are in the aroma touch oils that go on the skin and into the body. There must be quite a lot of calories with all those little drops of oil. Using a small amount of fractionated coconut oil would add to the calories. Even body lotion must have an effect on caloric intake, I would think.

On Sunday night I completed my Aromatouch Technique practical component for certification, registration and insurance with the peak body in Australia. It takes a month or so for the certificate to be processed and issued, though. The third practice session was different, because we talked a lot and had no relaxing music. Even so, it seems to work. Just giving the massage has a good effect because of the oils, I suppose.


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