Was it Really Monday Today?

After fighting off the flu on Friday and resting all day, my weekend was full of surprises. Mostly I was surprised that I felt reasonably OK. Today I learned that there is an online seminar at work on my day off this Wednesday and it appears that I am expected to attend. Oh joy!

My happiness at having some quiet time and recover on Friday is dampened a little by the prospect of missing out on all the work I wanted to do from home on Wednesday. Never mind. I’m sure it will go well and the gym is open from 8 am on public holidays, so I might even be able to find a time for training that I would otherwise miss. 6:15 am is not on the public holiday time table.

It was really busy at work with visitors and people everywhere. By the afternoon I was still feeling well and hadn’t really been overtaken by the flu that has been going around because of the Royal National Show (Exhibition) and typical winter weather.

I gave Liddy a birthday present for Sunday, which was some Lavender essential oil. I so happened to have a new bottle with me with a ribbon tied around it, so it came in very handy. Lavender is apparently very popular and lots of people love it, so I hope Liddy does too.


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