Sunday like Spring

Today the weather is glorious. It is like an early spring. This Wednesday is the Exhibition Day holiday, so no one will be in at work. Monday is the regional holiday, but I will have to go in for work, even though I live outside of Brisbane.

I was in bed by midnight on Saturday night, as I sat up for an hour when I returned home from gridiron refereeing, watching some NFL and other sports on the television. I sat with my water bottle to keep my feet warm while sipping on a cup of camomile tea.

My rain soaked uniform was in my bag. In the morning, I put the shoes out on a ledge in the sun. My hat was put on an airing rack in the ironing room. My belt was also out on the ledge with my shoes, which need some glue for the soles, although the rest of them is in good shape.

At Mass, the slides I had prepared had been changed to suit the theme of the Mass and the speaker who was Brother Kevin from across the road from where we live. He is a De La Salle brother attached to the school next door to their community house.

In the afternoon, Mum and I walked around North Lakes for a while and picked up some groceries and other basics.




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