Unexpected Rest Day

This morning I was up early as usual but when it came to having something to eat for breakfast, I did not feel well at all. As there has been a flu-like virus going around at work, I decided to rest at home today. Actually, I did not feel up to doing anything else, much less travelling in to work.

So today has been a rest day. I had lots of other things planned for today, but none of them are so urgent that they can’t wait for a little while. Most of the day I rested in bed. At midday I had some chicken noodle soup in a cup and later on some camomile tea.

Hopefully, the day has been helpful for building up my strength and fighting off any viruses lurking around. Next week we have Wednesday off for Exhibition Day, so it is a short week. Mum has plans. She is having some new carpet put down and also wants to wallpaper my room. This means moving everything out in boxes so that we can change it. It’s a great idea which she has had for a while now. I am really keen to sort through everything, set up better bookshelf space and filing space and fix a few things that need mending.

For now, I am just hoping for a good night’s sleep and some good recovery time over the weekend.


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