Wednesday Quite Busy Day

To fit everything in I was up at 4 am without coffee, as we ran out yesterday. I packed my gym bag the night before and just added a couple of things. My thongs were in the back of the car, which I forgot until I put the bag in later.

I arrived early at the gym and had heaps of time on the treadmill but only needed 5 minutes, which I did. Then I watched some of the aerobics class and waited for my PT. The session was pretty difficult, as usual. I heard all about “Coco Bliss”, the smoothie bar that just opened across from the gym. My trainer has been there three times this week. He just loves it.

At work I had my formal meeting for probation finishing and permanency starting. This is Week 26, so it is about right. It has been a busy week or two and we are all working double hard, so it was good to hear that we are formally in our jobs. What a relief it was, even though we were told that we are permanent a couple of weeks ago.

I have choir practice tonight but no football training online, as it is every second week.


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