Tuesday with Traffic Jams

I spent and extra hour on the road this morning due to a traffic accident near my turnoff right near work. The last 15 minutes was finding a spot to park. It is unusual to have two days in a row like this, so I wonder what is changing that makes it so busy.

Today I managed to do a lot. I paid my tuition in the morning as today is the last day for payment. This week I have to do some more reading on Foucault. I like the introductory text by Clare O’Farrell, as it explains the nuances of French philosophy and the difficulties of working in English. I was surprised to learn how long it took for Foucault to be regarded as an important thinker in academic circles.

My salad sandwiches are a great success although it takes ages to munch through them. At present, I manage to keep the bread from going soggy by the cheese and leberwurst layers on each inside slice. Then I have a chopped up apple sprinkled with lime juice for desert. It is surprisingly good and keeps me going through the day.


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