Round 1 of Season 2014

After work in the morning, I hopped across the road to “Subway” and grabbed a foot long turkey sub for lunch. Then it was into the car and off to Regents Park which took around an hour from Nundah. The GPS took me to the other side of the park where there were several cars near the playing fields.

I took my bag down to the change rooms and realised I had left my short sleeved shirt and trousers in the car in the garment bag. So I changed into the compression pants, long sleeved shirt and jumper and walked back up to the car to finish changing. It was just a matter of putting things on over the top of my clothes as I had an undershirt and two layers of support under that.

Then I left everything but my officiating gear, water bottle and turkey sub and headed back down to have lunch at around 2:30 pm. The first game was at 4 pm and the next at 7 pm. The clubs are providing officials with lunch and dinner, but my sub was better. The boys had very nice pizza in individual boxes.

Things went well and I was home by 11 pm, 1.5 hours after the last game finished. I had some supper and watched television and went to bed at midnight. It was a tiring day, but lots of fun.


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