Half Day Today, Yey!

It is my rostered half day off today. That makes up for going in on Saturday, tomorrow. This afternoon we had a meeting with Jo, Father John, Father Isidore and some others about powerpoint presentations of the Liturgy at Mass. Father John gave us a USB with the hymns and templates for PowerPoints. They are projected on the wall behind the Lectern at Mass.

Jo was telling me about how much he likes testimonials. He searches for conversion testimonials on youtube and watches lots and lots of them. Personally, I live the Musica Viva videos on what people like about music. I might look for youtube videos as well. They are certainly great for study.

Today I started reading “Michele Foucault” by Clare O’Farrell. It is an introductory text which is recommended reading for my unit in the Masters in Education course. It has useful things like a timeline of Foucault’s life and major works. Those sorts of things take a long time to research, check and produce. I am sure it will come in handy while preparing my first paper for this unit.

Tomorrow is a big day with a two games of football at 4pm and 7pm. I will leave work at 1pm, go out for lunch and drive to Meakin Park after that. Otherwise I will only have time to go home, grab a bag and head out again. By going direct from work I will save about two hours of driving time.


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