Mad Rush out the Door

Last night I had choir practice with the new Allen’s organ and after that online training for Gridiron football refereeing. It was amazing. I love the range of sounds that the organ has, particularly when Lydia is playing. Alex stayed behind with some of the others to try out the organ as well.

I dashed off to my online training, only 15 minutes late. It was interesting as Paul was discussing rule changes. That meant that I had a slightly later night and was up about an hour and a quarter later than usual as I wanted a full eight hours of sleep.

There was a cheese and salad sandwich to make with carrot, lettuce, tomato, horseradish sauce, sage, parsley and some liver sausage. It was on Mum’s organic rye bread which she makes in the bread machine. I am trying out dried herbs in an effort to absorb some of the liquid from the salad vegetables. It seems to work well.

Leaving home about 20 minutes later than usual I had an unusually clear run in to work. A quick stroll up the street and I was soon signing in at work a full 15 minutes before starting time, instead of my 30 minutes or more. Then work was busy as usual. I had to fill in an electronic extension form and send it to my supervisors at the university.

There was an email about listing my research on the Faculty web site along with some other students’ work. I was quite surprised and now think I have to find a book shelf quickly to sort out my lack of desk and filing space. There are plenty of flat pack shelves and even small, lockable sets of filing drawers around.

My holiday savings account is about to be raided to pay for another Semester of study fees. I do save a lot by paying ahead, if I can manage to clear my credit card, that is.


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