Tuesday All Day Today

I felt busy today and was glad that I had brought a really good salad sandwich for lunch. Today I managed to have a 30 minute break at my desk which gave me plenty of time to munch on my sandwich. It would be great to be so organised every day.

After work I caught up with Lynne, who is off to Canada soon with her husband. She does travel a lot, so I don’t see much of her in between her trips. She has been praying for my Mum that her hand heals well and I am sure it has helped. Mum’s had is healing quite quickly. We are all very much relieved about that.

A present I am thinking about bookshelves as a way to tidy my room. My current shelves do not hold lots of things, and I think I need some that do. Perhaps modular furniture will do the trick. I could have small shelves on my desk which might help with the papers that I seem to collect in abundance.


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