Charity Bowl

We started out well today at the park in Queens Road. There was a Colts game. By the time I arrived, though there was an ambulance as a player had fallen badly or been under a pile of players in a tackle.

My GPS had taken me to a softball field. I then went to a Meakin Park soccer field. After that I went to the gridiron field. There was no parking, so I drove down the road and parked outside the actual field. It was a shock to see how dry the grounds were, but some rain halfway through the men’s game soon fixed that.

We were issued with our new shirts and trousers. The shirts have a Teflon finish, and seem to retain moisture. Hopefully in summer they will last us through. Perhaps the moisture layers will cool us down? In any case, they looked a lot better than the previous shirts, somehow more professional that before, or just newer than before.

I was home early due to the field being closed. There was lightning and thunder, so we had several delays of game. My first game was a good warm up for the season, but I will have to start running as well as my gym work now. Not running is poor preparation for being out on the field. Max will be happy about that.


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