Friday Quiet Half the Day

The first part of today was fairly busy but the afternoon was much quieter. I had a call from Sian to make sure that I enrolled in my course. This is the one that I could not continue last semester due to starting my new job. It did not take long to sort out and I am now enrolled in the Master of Education without extra specialisations. I already have the Career Development major from last year.

My certificate for the Career Development Association of Australia came through so I gave a copy to the people at work. This type of qualification is really relevant to my work, so I am glad to be a professional member of the relevant association.

It has been two weeks since Mum had her operation on her hand and she went to the family doctor today. She is looking for Vitamin E cream to apply to the incision. Dr Kamara agreed with Mum that it should not be necessary to go to the same hospital in Brisbane when we have a perfectly good hospital in our city.

I brought shredded paper home for the chicken’s nest boxes again this week.


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