Was it really Monday?

I had a long week last week, so today was quite busy and I noticed that the continuity was there as I had worked through Friday and on Saturday morning last week. In the morning at home I registered the workplace for the wellness concept program and checked the confirmation email from work when I arrived.

My room is spic and span in a couple of places, as I slowly work my way around and tidy things up progressively. It makes me feel so much better when things are neat. I have to take my bag of clothes to St Vincent de Paul’s thrift shop, as I have a few that I don’t wear anymore and are just taking up room.

Sian from the university seems to think I can still enrol in a School Guidance and counselling subject this Semester which will help me to access my email and other things while completing my thesis. Today I was accepted into the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) so that I can be insured for providing career advice in certain situations.

I took a small fan to work, as Andrea is using the other. It seems that people who are bigger often do not feel the cold as much as most others. Anyway, I use my small fan to circulate air in the room, as the air conditioning does not really circulate anything, particularly when there are more people in the room.


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