Songs and Praise

This morning I was up at 6 am finishing some tidying up around the house, washing my hair and sorting out my washing. It only took a few minutes and I wanted to be at 9 am Mass in time to practice and set up, especially as the organ is not working properly.

I had plenty of time to set up, although Theresa moved to the keyboard, as per Alex’s instructions. We had Jean down that end with Frank and Mark with Olivia at the other. I was in the middle with Louis and a couple of other people. Theresa plays piano like an angel and must have played in a bar in a previous life. She was just amazing.

At the end of Mass a lovely lady from Canberra came up to me to say how much she enjoyed the Music Ministry choir. She said it was magnificent and like the Cathedral music in Canberra, as we sounded like a cathedral even in our Parish church. I sent an email to Alex, our Choir Director, and he was pleased to hear that. That made my day.

Mum had wonderful scones with coffee waiting as they always save some for me from breakfast. We sat and read the paper while I had brunch. It was a typical quiet Sunday at home.

Then I searched for articles related to students overseas and found some great research. I am really pleased with that. It is astounding that there seems to be a lot now that I keep a watching brief on the topic.

Oh well, time to edit the thesis. I think that is an ongoing job, too.


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