Thursday, a Brilliant Day

I leapt out of bed when my alarm went off. It was later that I realised the time was only 3:30 am, an hour earlier than usual. For some reason I had set an alarm for Thursdays at 3:30 am. When I have Choir practice and football online training on Wednesday nights I might need to be up this early to start moving earlier than usual on the Thursday. Fortunately, this week I had neither of those.

It was so beautiful outside that I wanted to be out of the office as much as possible. Instead, I was only able to go out for phone calls when the reception was really bad. That was about 4 times during the day. Never mind, the trip in to work was amazing.

A student came in a couple of days before her birthday and brought us all a carrot cake, candles and serviettes. It was a great hit with all the office and helped to pick us up when we sang “Happy Birthday” and shared her cake. Not many students are in on their birthdays and it was marking day for us, so we enjoyed it immensely.

Today I also trialled my gym bag packing routine, rolling two towels, including my gym shoes and gym wear in a bag with a water bottle and putting them in the back of my car. However, I just came straight home as I have a big weekend of writing coming up and do not want to be too distracted.

I think it is easier if I pack my work clothes and wear my gym gear, as my work shoes are slightly less bulky than gym shoes. No wonder yoga is popular, as the amount of clothing required is so much more practical.



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