Eli and Training

This morning I was out the door early and made it to the gym with time to spare. Eli was disappearing into the staff locker area with a giant tub of protein powder. Either that or it was laundry detergent…..

Anyway, we had a great training session and I felt amazing all day after that. It was weights and functional training. I promise to do pushups training during the week and hope to catch up with him next week. This week I left my phone behind. No biggie. That’s way better than the thongs for the shower or my shoes for work on a dress-down day.

I was also hugely productive today. Hopefully I will be the same tomorrow as I work out how to do pushups in a casual kind of way twice a day without looking quite strange in the eyes of the general public. I expect it will have to be at home in the living room or some such place rather than in a park.


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