Mum’s Sunday in Bed

Mum is recovering from her thumb surgery, so she spent most of the day in bed even though the temperature was much warmer than in the last couple of days. As a result, I did a fair bit of cooking, particularly Sunday dinner which everyone thought was great. So much so that Mum wants a permanent vacation from cooking for the next few weeks.

Anyway, Dad had a productive morning fixing some remote controlled toys that he found at his garage sale. He is fixing them for Christmas presents for Peter’s family. A lot of people start in July when it comes to Christmas shopping and preparations.

I was only 15 minutes early for the Music Ministry this morning. The Filipina choir was rostered on and half way through mass the organ made some sparking noises and cut out. We sang the last part a capella. That reminds me to apply for a choir that practices Tuesday nights and is looking for singers, actually. In any case, we rallied well without accompaniment and Mark conducted. He and Olivia are back from their trip to America. I’m not sure why he carries a pitch pipe in his shirt pocket, but he put it to good use with the hymns. As usual, I had the power point flicker.

Much of the day when I wasn’t tidying up I was reading for my thesis and doing some editing. I will have to apply for an extension for my TAELLN401A course, as running to the hospital, tidying up after Dad when he is worried about Mum, as well as cooking, has taken more time than I thought. Actually, I wasn’t expecting Mum to be called in for her operation at that time and on those days either.

We are much relieved that she seems to be doing well and is in good spirits.


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