Thursday out of Hospital

Mum was released from hospital after her operation late today. Fiona from the Surgical Care Ward telephoned me to let me know she would be able to come home but for me to take my time. I called Dad, who wanted me to talk to Mum on the phone. When I rang the hospital again, the nurses put me through to Mum who sounded very cheerful.

The plan was to go from work at the end of the day straight to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in South Brisbane. I had a couple of hours in between being told and when I finished work. That was plenty of time to tell my colleagues that Mum was fine and being discharged from the hospital.

The results from the operation will be available next Friday when she meets with the PA Hospital doctor again. I was also very relieved that Mum would be coming home, as was Dad, no doubt.

My drive across town was fairly good, with most of the traffic occurring at the Storey Bridge. I knew where to go from yesterday and was able to park in the bays for collecting patients. The hospital has a Transit lounge, where people are dropped off and collected. It was very much like an airport with vending machines and lots of people.

Mum was very cheerful, still wearing her pyjama trousers with her warm, lined, cardigan and sheep skin slippers. We sat in the padded chairs where patients wait for a bed or for release from hospital care. After half an hour or so the nurse brought a sling and ordered a mobility chair with the chair porter. Soon we were at the car, helping Mum into the passenger seat.

On the way home we stopped at Aldi’s for potatoes, milk, honey and other things. When we arrived home, Dad had already peeled prawns and put out some mushrooms ready to be prepared for dinner. Mum put some washed potatoes in the microwave. Soon we were having a very nice dinner and Mum was ready to go to bed with a hot water bottle for her feet.


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