Saturday Mildly Chaotic Times

The morning was quiet, as Dad was out at a garage sale. Mum was sleeping. I did my hair. At lunch time I made a stir fry with brown rice, spinach, minced candied orange peel, garlic, ginger, white wine, sage, rosemary, thyme, spring onion, white onion, scrambled egg and prawns. I used olive oil, hazelnut oil and grape seed oil. I also diced two spare ribs and cooked them with white pepper and other pepper to add to the ham and pea soup.

There was not much ham in the soup last night and we had most of it already. The pot was big enough for tonight as well, Mum’s favourite way to cook so that she has a night off the following night. So I added the diced spare ribs to the soup and that helped to make it more substantial for tonight.

Then around midday, Mum started to feel better and Dad got very excited, ordering everyone around, breaking a Pyrex lid from the washing up that was draining on the draining board, and making lots of noise. He spoke at the top of his voice, opened the very noisy sliding door every ten minutes or so and kept coming in to talk to Mum in an effort to get her up and about.

Meanwhile Mum was trying to relax, watching television, quietly sipping coffee, trying to ignore Dad and trying to say nice things about Dad’s efforts to do the right thing. Presently he is noisily scrunching up paper to make a fire while Mum is saying she will be going to bed in a minute (it’s 3:30 pm) and I am trying to encourage Dad by saying that Mum could sit up by the nice warm fire instead of going to bed again.


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