Wonder What Happened Today

It was a day full of wonder today. The colleague who shares my office is away until Monday. I had lots of things to do and by 1:30 pm it seemed as though I had lived through an entire week in half a working day. After that, though, things were a bit calmer, so I was ready to head to the hospital to collect Mum when she called.

It took a while to tidy up my desk, walk to the car, set the GPS and find my way to the correct entrance of the hospital. It was a case of third time lucky, as I finally pulled in to the Transit area where passengers are collected. Mum did not recognise me and stood there looking around. She thought I was a male driver for some reason.

Anyway, we were soon driving home via the fish and chip shop. Dad had ordered fish and chips for dinner to save Mum having to cook. We were the first of the late afternoon/evening customers. That usually means slightly drier chips. We only had a small serving between three of us, as usual. Although it was fine, we still prefer making fish and chips at home.

Tomorrow I will be able to go in to work after dropping Mum off for her 6 am appointment. That will leave me time to go to work for a normal day. Friday, though, I will need to collect her at around 10 am, so that will mean I swap my day off from Thursday to Friday. It should work out fine.


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