Coolsday Tuesday

There were a few people in the office this morning, although Renu, Andrea and Merrilee arrived half an hour later than usual, probably due to getting a coffee nearby. It was nice to be in a quiet office for an hour or so before work started, as it doesn’t happen often.

Tomorrow I am picking Mum up from the Princess Alexandra Hospital where she has a four hour pre-op. Then we will find out what is happening Thursday for what will probably be day surgery. I plan to take a day off on Thursday so I can collect Mum after the operation. Although my work is only 15 minutes away in no traffic, I think that during the day it could take a lot longer to get there and find a parking place.

I have been taking some natural multivitamins these last few days and am starting to feel more comfortable with them. Synthetic vitamins don’t seem to do anything positive for me, so these may be what I need for now. With work, we often miss out on a break at lunch time and have to take a 10 minute walk around the block to get away for a while at some later time. I hope that the vitamins will help to keep me a bit balanced.


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